Company Profile & Vision
We are a group of Thai people who are from IT business and Out-bound traveling business grouping together to form a company, aiming to upgrade travel industry to be more efficient by using more IT as a solution.  We believe travel agency in Thailand still needs to improve their way of doing business in order to catch up with the more competitive market situation nowadays.  We also believe that lately the role of travel agency is changing dramatically.  New technology emerges everyday.  Internet is changing our life so fast.  Travel agents are making less profit.  The only way to survive in the market is to reduce the fixed expenses.  Our mission therefore is to offer IT solution to reduce their expenses, to increase more efficiency, and eventually to meet customer satisfaction.

Core Business Activities
In Thai market, agents mostly have had their own accounting software while front office system is provided by CRS.  The problem is on how to connect between the two systems.  Changing their original accounting software is too difficult. 

Therefore, TravelPro emphasizes on the Mid-office system, and help them connect between CRS and their back office system.  Also we provide report generator which can support agents for any kind of reports they want, both for internal use and for their customer.  The system is also capable to transfer the information in the database to the third party software, enabling the possibility to link with many kind of back-office system.

Years in Business & Customer Success Stories
TravelPro has been established since 1998, registered in Thailand with the capital of 1,000,000 THB.  Started from 3 agents as the customers in the market with our first product called “ProControl”, we gradually expanded to 10 customers in the end of the first year by linking the system with Amadeus system as a main CRS on that time.  In the middle of the second year, we developed the bigger version of our product called “ProPower” and we succeeded to have American Express Travel (Thailand) as our customers.  With the 40 users on 4 sites, Amex was our major customers on that time.  After that, we won many major accounts such as  Diethhelm Travel, Turismo Asia, CW Travel, and many other top-range agents in Thailand.   Within the first 3 year, we had up to 50 agents in our clientele. 

In the fourth year, we diversify our major role to be an application developer for the industry.  Some agents hired us to develop software specially for their own demand.  On that time Amadeus also hired us to develop some software to replace those which were discontinued by its head office.   We developed “PlusControl” and “PlusReport” as Amadeus products in that year.  Up to now there are almost 150 agent locations using our software in the market.

Currently, we aim to fulfill the demand of IT needed  in the market.  We are developing more products for the market such as ProPeople, ProBiz, ProTour for other type of agents in the market such as Tour operator, in-bound operator, and sub-agents.